Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sri Swamiji's Publications available on Google Books

Dear Saranya Family Member,

I am happy to bring to your attention the following updates of His Holiness Sri Swamiji's website -

a) For the regular updates about Sri Swamiji's programs and news updates, a blog has been created with its link embedded in the website. Anyone can get the latest news and information including accessing all the archived announcements.  As soon as you enter the website look for the blog link under Sri Swamiji's picture.

b) Sri Swamiji's book on Sri Ramanujacharya is uploaded to Google Books and it is accessible through the website. Look for the link "Sri Ramanujulu E-Book" in the menu on the left side bar, after you enter the website. This excellent short biography (in Telugu) of Sri Ramanujacharya was written keeping in view the student community with single page chapters and precise messages including very important sections on the Vedic Philosophy of Ramanujacharya. An online quiz based on the book will also be available soon.

c) 'Saranya' magazine-archives volume 4 (from January 2006 to May 2007) was also uploaded to Goolge Books and a link is created in the menu on the left hand side-bar. Saranya magazines are a cherished treasure for the readers and the speciality of this volume is that - the very first magazine January 2006 was a special edition released immediately after Sri Swamiji's Tapo Deeksha. It contains Sri Swamiji's maiden speech after the Deeksha, describing the experiences of His Holiness during the Deeksha period.

Many thanks to Sri Sundeep Nallamilli for pursuing the project to upload Sri Swamiji's publications to Google Books.

Enjoy reading the books during the upcoming Holiday and Festival season.

Best Regards,
Murali Ramanuja Dasa.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

His Holiness Sri Swamiji's Program Calendar - 2011

His Holiness Sri Tridandi Sriranga Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji's Program Calendar 2011
From                               To                                     Program Details

16th December, 2010     18th January, 2011             Kakinada Asramam (Dhanurmasam)

19th January, 2011                                                   Hyderabad

20th January, 2011         10th February, 2011           Singapore and Australia Tour

11th February, 2011                                                 Hyderabad

12th February, 2011                                                 Kakinada Asramam

13th February, 2011       25th February, 2011           Dwaraka tour with devotees

26th February, 2011                                                 Kakinada Asramam

27th February, 2011         4th March, 2011               Bangalore

5th March, 2011             15th April, 2011                 Kakinada Asramam

16th April, 2011              10th May, 2011                 Ramanuja Peetham Visakhapatnam

11th May, 2011              14th June, 2011                  Kakinada Asramam

15th June, 2011              27th June, 2011                  Badarinath tour with devotees

1st July, 2011                 19th July, 2011                   England, Germany and France tour

20th July, 2011               12th September, 2011        Chaturmasya Deeksha

12th September, 2011                                               Bheemavaram

15th September, 2011     31st October, 2011            USA tour

4th November, 2011       13th November, 2011        Kakinada Asramam

14th November, 2011     15th December, 2011         Ramanuja Peetham Visakhapatnam

16th December, 2011      15th January, 2012            Nalgonda (Dhanurmasam)


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paramacharya Tirunakshatram Celebrations and Srirangam Program details

Dear Saranya family member,

Two great programs were conducted by His Holiness Sri Swamiji in November, 2010.

Tirunakshatram (Birth Anniversary) of the Paramacharya of the Trust - Sri Saranyacharya Swami varu was celebrated for five days from 14th to 18th November in the Asramam. Sri Saranyacharya Swami varu was acharya of our beloved His Holiness Sri Swamiji and hence Paramacharya for the Trust and all HH's disciples.

About 300 devotees registered for the Ashtakshari Maha Mantra Japa Yajnam for all the five days and more than one crore Mantra Japam was performed by all of them. Sri Ramayanam, Sundara Kanda, Tiruvaimozhi Divya Prabandham were recited every day. On the final day, a palanquin procession was taken out carrying the picture of Sri Paramacharya Swami varu in the Temple and Asramam.

On the night of 18th, His Holiness Sri Swamiji accompanied by about 200 devotees proceeded to Srirangam for darsan of Lord Ranganatha. It was an excellent experience as all devotees enjoyed a pleasant journey, peaceful darsan multiple times, witnessed annual Deepotsavam (Chokka Pan) and a very rare kaiththal seva, participated in beginning ceremony of Tirukkaarthe and a wonderful dip in Kaveri waters. Sri Swamiji personally showed the Lord for all the devotees and it was an unforgettable moment.

A Water Tank was constructed by the Asramam trust at the request of Temple authorities to provide water for the Srirangam temple premises. Sri Swamiji gave every devotee of the Asramam for the last 18 months to contribute even a little amount for the Water Tank.  The project is complete now and Sri Swamiji inaugurated the Water Tank on 23rd Nov.

When Sri Swamiji mentioned our desire to perform any kind of clean up in the premises, Temple authorities readily agreed and allotted the mantapams of Sri Sudarsana Perumal (Chakrattalvar) and Sri Ramanuja sannidhi. All the devotees enthusiastically worked and cleaned both the mantapams to their hearts' content.

There was not much opportunity to capture many pictures but hear are a few glimpses of both the functions.

Tirunakshatram decorations -

Srirangam Pictures

The Chokka Pan festival, details of an interesting training class taking place from 1st December, programs calendar of Sri Swamiji in 2011 will be updated in the next posting.

Best Regards,
Murali Ramanuja Dasa.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dasara Celebrations and November, 2010 Programs

Dear Saranya Family Member!
Hope you all had wonderful Vijaya Dasami and Dasara Celebrations weekend!
The festival was celebrated grandly in Lord Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy Temple in Kakinada Asramam. As per our tradition Sarasvati Pooja (worship in the form of books), Bommala Koluvu, Sami pooja, Parveta and Procession for Lord are all conducted with enthusiasm and devotion. Pictures are posted on the web at this link.
Sri Swamiji announced 85th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Sri Saranyacharya Swami varu, Paramacharya of the Trust from Nov 14th to 18th, 2010. Devotees can participate in Ashtakshari Japam (one crore collective count), Sri Ramayana Parayana and Tiruvaimozhi Divya Prabandha Sevakalam (recitation) everyday during those five days.
On the night of 18th Sri Swamiji and interested deovtees will proceed to Sri Rangam for performing Kara Seva (Temple premises cleanup) between 20th and 23rd November, 2010.
Meanwhile please enjoy the picutres of Dasara Celebrations.
Best Regards,
Murali Ramanuja Dasa.

Pavitrotsavams of Lord Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Kakinada Asramam

Dear Saranya Family Member,
Pavitrotsavams of Lord Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy in Kakinada Asramam were celebrated last month in a grand scale. Sri Sudarsana Homam, Recitation of Scriptures, Pujas, Prasadam distribution, Lord's processions were really marvellous. An estimated 50,000 devotees have taken darsan of the Lord and took divya prasadam in all the 5 days together. The devotee rush was so much that even 'Laghu Darsanam' had to be enforced in the final days just like in Tirumala Hills. Services of Volunteers, Organizers, Vedic Students, Priests and Scholars are highly commendable. Please take time to read at leisure and enjoy all the pictures one by one.
You can see the pictures of 1st and 2nd days' pictures at this link.  Lord's glory, devotion of the people and Sacredness of the function can be felt even in the photos.
On the third day, the Sacred Pavitrams were offered to Lord, Deities, Structures of the temple, Priests and Scholars. Pictures are here
Fourth Day is a very special day being Sri Swamiji's Birth Day (Tirunakshatram). Besides regular pavitrotsava pujas, everyone from Asramam institutions had tirtham given by Sri Swamiji personally.
Unbelievably, at the request of devotees, Sri Swamiji kindly agreed to be weighed on a Tulabharam.
Normally Devotees weigh their loved ones with materials or money and offer those to Lord Sri Venkateswara. It is a very popular service in the Temple. The devotees came prepared to weigh Sri Swamiji in Rupee coins. They exhausted all their supply and still the weighing scale did not tilt. They offered Clothes to Lord, but still the balance was in favor of Sri Swamiji only. Finally when they prayed Lord and offered fruits, then the pans became equal and everyone was elated.
Sri Swamiji also inaugurated Vanaprastha Asramam (a Home for the Retired, to spend rest of their life in the service of Lord)  which is being constructed in the adjacent site. Two families started living there from today.
Sri Swamiji also inaugurated a book written on Sri Yamunacharya's Stotraratnam by Smt Tiruvengalamma garu.
Enjoy all the pictures of 4th day morning session here.
On 4th day evening, Sacred Tirtham from the Divine kalasa of Yagasala was brought to the Temple.
Lord, Deities and all divine places were sanctified by sprinkling the tirtham. Usual evening procession took place thereafter. Pictures of 4th day evening are here.
On 5th and final day abhishekam was conducted to Lord Sri Srinivasa, Mother Lakshmi Devi and Mother Goda devi in a grand scale. This service normally not open for public, was available this day for everyone to have divya darsanam during Abhishekam. We are so lucky that we even get a close up view from here.
Sri Swamiji also announced His wish to gradually withdraw from the day-to-day administrative aspects of the Temple, Trusts and other institutions. Respective boards and committees will be fully responsible for their functioning and His Holiness will always be available for guidance. His Holiness now can spend more time on our spiritual development rather than in the mundane worldly matters. Sri Swamiji had been relentlessly working every hour and minute for the last 15 years to establish such wonderful institutions and it is our duty to uphold and maintain the high standards of the valuable treasure.
Please keep using this email forum to share your thoughts, get your questions answered and interact with Sri Swamiji.
Let us get to know news about three more events coming up in our next posting.
Best Regards,
Murali Ramanuja Dasa.